One Color

2 One Child

The fundraising campaign that gives colors, artistic and educational materials to children.

If we dream alone, it is simply a dream. If we dream together, it is the start of something tangible.

One Color 2 One Child

What it is

A fundraising campaign for the purchase of artistic playful and educational materials, to be delivered where children are undergoing long-term therapies, care, rehabilitations.

The campaign’s commitment is to give a moment of joy to the children under treatment.

To whom the material will be given

We start in Italy, with the desire to bring color for kids worldwide.

We are currently in contact with a growing number of structures in Italy.
Thanks to your contribution, we will be able to continue giving joyful moments to children and their families.

"We are made of the same substance of dreams"

Thanks to your precious contribution we can continue to give color to the children being treated.

The donors will receive a deep gesture of gratitude as a gift, a gift for those who step out to give one color for kids.

Blindly Dancing for One Color 2 One Child

The dream of the gift starts from the direct experience of the illness of Elena Travaini, founder of Blindly Dancing and her desire to support playful and creative activities within long-term pediatric hospitals and facilities.

Elena was born with a rare cancer, a bilateral unfamiliar retinoblastoma, which still
today frequently force her to go through hospital checks.

Our Supporters & Friends


Elena Travaini and Anthony Carollo

Elena Travaini and Anthony Carollo Blindly Dancing for One Color 2 One Child | Italian Version